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Take creative control and shoot remotely anywhere in the world. Connect with Models, Photographers, and other Creatives.

Phoxy Explained

Phoxy in a nutshell...

Main Features

Here are some of the main features of Phoxy

Save to Both Devices

You have the option to save photos to your library or simultaneously save to both devices.

Control Flash Remotely

Turn on and off the flash.

Tap to Focus

Tap the screen to focus on your subject.

Pinch to Zoom

Zoom in and out remotely.

Flip Camera

Control Front and Rear Cameras.

Voice Call

Models and Photographers can talk through poses and discuss lighting and locations.

App Screenshots

This is our simple, intuitive interface...

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions about Phoxy.

Phoxy is a free app that allows for creatives to connect and collaborate virtually. Phoxy allows any user to control another user’s phone camera and photograph them remotely. The call interface allows for the photographer to audibly communicate with the subject.
The high-resolution images are saved to the model's photo library once they are captured. The model gets to decide whether the photos are also saved to to photographers phone.
Only the people on your friends list can call you on Phoxy. You must accept or request them as your friend in order to use the call feature.
The service may affect the call/video quality but will not affect the quality of the images captured on the device. O nce the image is captured it will be a clear, high-resolution image.